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This is a collection of photos and memorabilia from my stint in the rock group, 'Cody'.  The music is that of a 45 RPM single we recorded in 1972. 


                                    Calvin Buckles

                                  Nov 14, 2007

Movie time

If you'd like a copy of this movie and the music, a CD can be had for $4 US (includes shipping and handling).  It contains the video with music and the music ( in CD Audio Format to play on your CD player.)

Send To:  Cottonwood Shade Recordings                                                                     

                  P O Box 562

                  Eastlake, CO 80614

Be sure to ask for:                         

                  Cody 45 RPM Single

  1. *...a very special thanks to Amy, Jeremy, Miguel, Michael and Steve; the Geniuses at the Apple Store, Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado USA for teaching me how do do this stuff...........

   Doug Clifton was going through a box of old cassettes at his house in Albuquerque early this year (2009) and found a rough mix of two of the four missing studio cuts from Dell Sound (1972).  As you can imagine Doug and I were very curious to hear these songs again.  Here they are for you to hear.

Track one is "Lovely Lindy"  written by Ron Light and sung by Calvin Buckles (electric bass) with Ron and Doug Clifton on guitars and Nicky Pickrell on drums.

Track two is "No Way Out" written and sung by Doug Clifton.  Jazzy lead guitar is Ron Light with Doug playing the stinging bluesy breaks, electric bass is by Calvin Buckles and the drums are played by Nicky Pickrell.

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